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The first PRESSURE ACTIVATED PET COOLING PAD in the Philippines!




🐾 SELF-COOLING PADS FOR PETS – our pressure-activated gel mat coolS and soothes your dogs and cats on contact providing a cool spot for your pets anytime and anywhere!

🐾 HELP YOUR PETS STAY COOL – Great for pets that are heat sensitive, prone to overheating, work in the heat, after intense training sessions or running, playing in the park, at the beach, camping, or anything in-between

🐾 NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED – The pet cooling pad requires no water, electricity, or refrigeration and features a special gel formula that automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use. Avoid overheating and dehydration for hot pets that struggle in the summer weather

🐾 EASY TO CLEAN – Just wipe it down!

🐾 MULTI-USE AND PORTABLE – lay the pad on the floor, sofa, in your pet’s crate, kennel, bed, or outdoors in the shade to help them feel cooler. The mat is lightweight and folds effortlessly, so it is ideal for travel. A must-have item at home and on the road.